2009 - 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of our involvement as the #1 clean-up solution on over 12,000 workers, their boats and equipment at The Alaskan Oil Spill. ORANGE-SOL provided over 200,000 gallons of De-Solv-it® and ORANGE-SOL products to aid efforts. Today, we tackle spills all over the world, large or small, through a vast network of valued partners.

Be assured, ORANGE-SOL Household Products such as De-Solv-it®, CONTRACTORS' SOLVENT™ and Blind-Brite® succeed as the safest and best performing products of their kind. As the founder of citrus-based cleaning technology, we insist upon this with every product we offer. Our reputation and your requirements demand it.

Recognized among Industry's top blue-chip companies for their performance, regulatory compliance and cost-savings, ORANGE-SOL™ solvents and cleaners have served Aerospace, Electronic Component Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering, Marine, Oil & Gas (Petrochemical), Plastics & Polymers, Steel Mills and other leading industries.


ORANGE-SOL Medical Products, under the Medi-Sol® brand, are used to remove TENS, ostomy appliances, bandages, and more. Additionally, these safer alternatives to alcohol, are used as adhesive and tar removers in burn centers, trauma centers, hospitals, & care facilities across the U.S. and abroad. In fact, Medi-Sol® is gentle enough to be used on delicate neo-natal skin to remove adhesives.

Con mas de 30 años de experiencia industrial, el Equipo ORANGE-SOL trabajará para desarrollar las soluciones de mayor efectividad y seguridad para sus más grandes desafíos. ORANGE-SOL de México cuenta con mas de 200 productos industriales para resolver sus desafíos, grandes o pequeños. Pregúntenos como podemos desarrollar la solución específica para sus mayores dificultades.