A Fortunate Accident: The Birth of Citrus-Based Cleaning Technology and ORANGE-SOL

Citrus-based cleaning, a revolutionary American-made technology that has changed the way the world cleans, was actually discovered by accident.

In the nineteen thirties, American chemist Edwin Lloyd Ackerman owned a small California medical supply company where he manufactured and supplied impression cement, filling resins, parchment paper and other trade related items. Among these, impression cement and filling resins were nearly impossible to remove without the use of toxic solvents, diesel or gasoline.

In 1932, Ackerman stopped for lunch and began to peel an orange. He noticed the natural oils from the orange peel were beginning to dissolve leftover resins from his hands.

Ackerman recognized there was something unique about these oils and inquired at a local juicing company if orange oil was retained during production. Company personnel informed him the company indeed produced it, however since it was a juice byproduct, they not only didn’t have a need for orange oil, the company regularly disposed of it in volume. At his request, Ackerman was provided a large sample to test further.

Ackerman’s plan was to commercialize this renewable resource while providing an alternative to the harsh chemicals currently used to remove these resins from surfaces. Since Ackerman’s new solvent would also be used on humans to remove resins from their mouths, lips and skin, Ackerman insisted his solution would be effective AND SAFE. For the next four years, Ackerman perfected his formula while performing an uncompromising search for the safest, highest quality and best performing raw materials he could source.

In 1936, Ackerman’s efforts paid off as he successfully introduced the first formulation of “ORANGE SOLVENT” which continues to be sold throughout the world today.

In 1976, Ackerman’s efforts were formally expanded and incorporated into ORANGE-SOL. (The company name ORANGE-SOL is actually short for “ORANGE SOLVENT”.) We remain founder of citrus-based cleaning and a world leader of sustainable cleaning technologies.

While others may provide unsafe products merely for ease of production or for cost-savings, at ORANGE-SOL, we refuse to drop below the safe product threshold Ackerman established over seventy-five years ago. Ackerman’s philosophy of making the safest, most effective products for customers remains one of our highest priorities. ORANGE-SOL and our customers, including some of the world’s most prominent companies, expect nothing less from ORANGE-SOL products, just as Edwin Lloyd Ackerman required during the “accidental” birth of citrus-based cleaning.

Today, over three hundred ORANGE-SOL products remove far more than resins, are found in over five continents and have been used by millions of satisfied customers.

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