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Many companies worldwide use ORANGE-SOL Heavy-Duty 24 because of its efficacy and safety in removing Cosmoline.
ORANGE-SOL Heavy-Duty 24
Removing Cosmoline, an oily-waxy coating that prevents rust formation from machined metal parts, gears, automobiles, firearms, marine equipment and similar items can be a very time consuming and difficult process.

Traditional methods call for grinders and scrapers, which create hazardous dust and can be ineffective in removing Cosmoline from tight spaces like machined gears, holes, crevasses, and sprockets.

ORANGE-SOL Heavy-Duty 24 is a tried and true industry standardized product. It liquefies and dissolves the most difficult of hardened Cosmoline coatings from virtually any surface, regardless of time on each surface.

This unique formula is designed to penetrate the hardest of residue to reach the metal and break its seal in even the tightest spaces.

ORANGE-SOL Heavy-Duty 24’s high saturation point and is used over and over again in dip tanks or parts washers, even when it appears black in color.

By allowing the part to soak in a dip tank, the hard working product allows an employee’s valuable time to be used more efficiently, thus keeping labor costs down.

Once the ORANGE-SOL Heavy-Duty 24 product is saturated, it can be disposed of with motor oil to avoid creating additional hazardous waste.




Product Focus

ORANGE-SOL Heavy Duty 24
ORANGE-SOL Heavy-Duty 24 is organic, safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable, a corporate health & safety manager’s best friend.

There are no hazardous health risks to the employees and no health claim exposure to the corporation, making it the preferred product by major corporations around the world.

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