The Alaskan Oil Spill: Product Spotlight

ORANGE-SOL has been “Green” since Edwin Lloyd Ackerman invented the company’s first formula in 1936. Our green philosophy and extraordinary product efficacy make up the foundation for our customer’s success over nearly 80 years.
ORANGE-SOL Industrial Formula
ENVIRONMENTAL friendliness is another important characteristic of ORANGE-SOL products.

ORANGE-SOL products typically have low volatility, are non-ozone-depleting, are biodegradable, have high BTU value, and are recyclable/reclaimable.

As evidenced by the tragic Alaskan Oil Spill, over 300 products from around the world were thrust at VECO, the Alaska-based clean-up contractor under EXXON Company, U.S.A. Department of Environmental Conservation Product Review Members identified clean-up solutions less toxic than the spill itself, yet none matched the safety and performance of ORANGE-SOL’s Industrial Formula.

ORANGE-SOL CEO, Al Farnsworth was called to assist with clean-up efforts. Fortified with extensive independent tests, and testimonials, one by one, Farnsworth demonstrated the ORANGE-SOL products’ amazing cleaning power. The attendees seemed impressed as these products worked with incredible results.

Unfortunately, Farnsworth was met with pessimistic “too-good-to-be-true” resistance.

“Sure, that stuff works great,” loudly challenged an onlooker, “But, there is no way THAT product, that does all this, can be SAFE!”

As curious onlookers watched, Farnsworth, countered. “I’ll show you just how safe this is.” He then poured the citrus solvent into a cup and DRANK IT.

“This product is safe…and we have the independent tests and testimonials to back it up.”

Would-be-doubters took notice. Shortly thereafter, over 200,000 gallons were shipped to aid with oil spill clean-up, and ORANGE-SOL’s lead product became the #1 solvent cleaner used to clean over 12,000 workers, their boats and equipment.

Equally impressive, after using ORANGE-SOL All Purpose Cleaner, workers noticed their nets were turning ORANGE. Fearing the use of harsh chemicals and bleach, they complained, but soon discovered their nets had not been discolored. Instead, ORANGE-SOL’s APC had returned their nets to the ORIGINAL COLOR…that which they had not seen in generations of use.

Over the last 20 years, ORANGE-SOL products have been used to help clean large spills in Kuwait, Morocco, The Gulf of Mexico and on other spills around the world.

ORANGE-SOL’s green products help keep toxic chemicals out of the air, ground and water, and help in the Sustainable Energy objectives of Universal Energy Access, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency by helping keep the environment and product users safe.

ORANGE-SOL Industrial Formula is organic, safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable, making it a corporate health & safety manager’s dream. There are no hazardous health risks to the employees and no health claim exposure to the corporation.

ORANGE-SOL Industrial Formula is preferred by major sustainable energy corporations, their health & safety divisions and workers around the world.



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ORANGE-SOL Industrial Formula
Over 12,000 workers cleaned along with boats and equipment