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ORANGE-SOL Aviation Solvent Water Rinsable is the preferred product of the major airlines of the world. In fact, it’s certified by manufacturers such as: Airbus, Boeing and McDonald-Douglas.

It’s easy for corporate health & safety managers to approve the use of ORANGE-SOL Aviation Solvent Water Rinsable because it’s organic, safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable. It poses no hazardous employee health risk and no corporate health claim exposure.

Many airlines, both commercial and military, used ORANGE-SOL Aviation Solvent Water Rinsable to remove Corrosion Inhibitor Coating (CIC) from cargo hull panels. These chemical compounds are used to ensure the metal or alloy surface exterior of the aircraft doesn’t deteriorate during extensive use. Removal of these compounds is typically very difficult.

Before maintenance crews can remove the cargo hull panels to perform inspection and determine necessary maintenance, particularly on the fuselage skeletal section, all CIC must be removed. ORANGE-SOL satisfies this challenge with this organic, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable formula.

Practical application to the airline industry doesn’t stop here. Aviation Solvent Water Rinsable is also used for removal of:

  • Landing gear grease
  • Engine oil residue
  • Exhaust residue from wings, fuselage and tail
  • Dirt and grime caked to aircraft windows

In a side-by-side test with other world-class manufacturers, ORANGE-SOL Aviation Solvent Water Rinsable outperformed all other products without exception. From the nose to tail, no other cleaning solution is more effective at keeping aircraft pristine.




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Aviation Solvent Water Rinsable
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