Sustainable Energy: Product Spotlight

ORANGE-SOL has been “Green” since Edwin Lloyd Ackerman invented the company’s first formula in 1936. Our green philosophy and extraordinary product efficacy make up the foundation for our customer’s success over nearly 80 years.
Clean-Away Super M
Many sustainable energy companies worldwide use ORANGE-SOL Clean-Away APC Super M to remove oil and yaw grease leaks from Wind Turbines. ORANGE-SOL Clean-Away APC Super M is a tried and true industry standard. It cleans and removes oily, greasy build up from wind turbines and dirt and grime from solar panel mirrors. It’s also used to clean and maintain equipment in hydroelectric dams.

ORANGE-SOL’s green products help keep toxic chemicals out of the air, ground and water, and help in the Sustainable Energy objectives of Universal Energy Access, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency by helping keep the environment and product users safe.

ORANGE-SOL Clean-Away APC Super M is organic, safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable, making it a corporate health & safety manager’s dream. There are no hazardous health risks to the employees and no health claim exposure to the corporation.

ORANGE-SOL Clean-Away APC Super M is preferred by major sustainable energy corporations, their health & safety divisions and workers around the world.



Sustainable Energy

Product Focus

ORANGE-SOL Clean-Away APC Super M
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